Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hope all is well and right (as it can be) in your world. Mine's doing quite well. I recently decided to embrace my hippie-ness again. It has been a wonderful decision and journey as well.

And my reason for telling you this piece of information is because I had this great idea!!
Why not put little rocks and stones in my dolls?!?

I know what your thinking! What if they get out and then pose a choking hazard? Well, then I guess I'll have to put them in a bit hosiery. And I like to make sure my toys are sewn together well. My thought is, if the stuffing is going to come out, then I want it to be from the body of the toy, not from my poor sewing technique.

Sew, I mean, So, that is what I'm gonna do. I actually have an idea to take it just one step further, but I haven't quite decided if I'm really going to follow through. And I don't want to say anything here for fear that someone might 'take' my idea. And I think I can sell it someday if I really get my act together. So anyways, I hope this finds you in good spirits! I know I am in a better spirit now then when I started this post.

So again, I leave you with a wish of happy thoughts, luscious merriment and much obsessive yarning!!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love knitting, but I hate trying to get gauge. I'm trying to make this really nice hat for my father in law. He actually asked me to make him one. I made him a scarf two christmas's ago and he wears it all the time in the winter. Makes me feel so good. he was the one I was most unsure about liking crocheted/knitted items, and he'd turned out to be the one who loves it the most in the family. None of the woman have used the things I made for them. Makes me sad. It hurts my feelings. but I guess that's to be expected. *sigh*I guess I will just make things for him. I bet I could make my sister and mother in law socks. Everybody loves socks. Can't have to many socks. So I guess I can just stick to that.

So anyways, (I always have to have some sort of long drawn out story) my dad (father in law, same diff) asked for a hat. I wanted to make him this really nice knitted hat. very pretty. In a masculine way.... but I CAN'T GET GAUGE!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!! So I said screw it! I'm just gonna crochet it. I can use the same yarn, and use the same striping pattern and call it a day. I take FOREVER to knit. And the weather is always changing here right now. But he said that he would like a hat for when he goes running in the morning. So I'm just gonna get on it. Maybe he'll get the 'turn a square' hat for his b-day in Dec.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knitting for Charity- The Mother Bear Project

If you don't know about this charity, you should. It is a fabulous charity. it is also completely heartbreaking to hear.

Here I sit in my nice (by my standards) house, with a nice (minivan) car, and decent clothes. I am middle class all the way. You know there have been studies done on those that donate, and the lower class donates a good portion of their monies, time, and effort. You know the middle class doesn't think they have the money to donate. Unfortunately, but honestly, I fall into that exact catagory. Sad I know. BUT!! I am trying to change my ways. I am not a perfect being by any means, but I do try to be aware of myself and my actions. One thing I would really like to change about myself is the fact that I don't really donate, unless is benefits me. Like it helps me to get all the stuff that I don't need out of my house. Not exactly the heartfelt reason I'm looking for.

So I was shoping at my LYS and saw the Mother Bears. then I went online, and checked it out more closely. I went to

Wow, you wanna talk heartbreaking. the Bears are given to children affected, infected by HIV/AIDS. soem of these children have lost their parents, their siblings, aunts, uncles. they live eith other members of their community. It's lovely that there are others to 'care' for them, but when there are way more kids than there are adults, what kind of care are they really getting.

then! Enter the Mother Bear Project. The way the bears light up these kids faces is just amazing. For some, this is the only thing that they can really say is theirs. It is the one thing they own. It's something so small, but makes them feel so big, so loved. How can I not want to help. And HEY! I get to knit. There is my trade off factor. that's what I get out of it. Ohter than feeling like I am actually making a difference in someones' life. I do really have simple goals, really I do.

I am about half way done with my first bear. I am hoping to have him done by this time next week. I think I can do that. it all just depends of whether or not I can put down the other two projects I have going...

So I leave you with good thoughts, luscious merriment, and much obsessive yarning! Ciao for now!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wow!! I kinda forgot I had this!! Cool!! I will be posting more soon!!