Friday, April 28, 2006

Howdy! It's been sometime since I last posted anything, I've kinda been busy. You know, child, hubby, lame drama, it all takes time. I have been crocheting though. I have a couple of really sweet girls that come to my place on Thursdays for our "stitch'n'bitch." It's fun.

I'm almost finished with the bunny I'm doing for my friends daughter (as you can see, she's missing legs. the pattern also calles for a scarf and hat, so I guess I'll be making that too. Maybe I'll make an outfit or two just for fun!). The one that's preggers and I made the bear for. I'm making the bunny for when I go see her in after she's had the baby. And I think I'm going to make her a blanket for her boy. I just didn't feel like I gave her enough for her shower. She's really rad anyways so I'll like to do it for her.

I've also kinda worked on some edging for a skirt I made on my knitting machine. It's called the wedding ring insertion. I think it'll be nice if I can ever "get'er done!" ;)
(sorry, not the greatest pic, but you get the idea)

Well that's about it. Hopefully, everyone's doing well. Things are looking up for me. The worst of the lame drama is over. The kid and hubby, well... they can have all my time. That's pretty much what I'm here for now. But! My hubby gives me the time to do what I want, so it's a good give and take! Anyways, enough about that! How 'bout happy thoughts, luscious merriment, and much more obsessive yarning! Ciao

~ The Dishes (*_^)