Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hope all is well and right (as it can be) in your world. Mine's doing quite well. I recently decided to embrace my hippie-ness again. It has been a wonderful decision and journey as well.

And my reason for telling you this piece of information is because I had this great idea!!
Why not put little rocks and stones in my dolls?!?

I know what your thinking! What if they get out and then pose a choking hazard? Well, then I guess I'll have to put them in a bit hosiery. And I like to make sure my toys are sewn together well. My thought is, if the stuffing is going to come out, then I want it to be from the body of the toy, not from my poor sewing technique.

Sew, I mean, So, that is what I'm gonna do. I actually have an idea to take it just one step further, but I haven't quite decided if I'm really going to follow through. And I don't want to say anything here for fear that someone might 'take' my idea. And I think I can sell it someday if I really get my act together. So anyways, I hope this finds you in good spirits! I know I am in a better spirit now then when I started this post.

So again, I leave you with a wish of happy thoughts, luscious merriment and much obsessive yarning!!