Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good Day! It has been quite some time since the last check in. Well, I guess I should fill you in:

I'm not sure about y'all, but I have a very hard time yarning when the weather's nice. Doesn't matter what kind of yarn I use, I just have no desire to do so while its hot.

Then, in mid- July, my son was diagnosed as being Diabetic. He was 2 months shy of turning two years old. So I guess needless to say it kinda turned my world upside down. My husband and I almost lost our child.

It definitely sent us for a loop, but all is well now. My son is happy and healthy. And other than the fact that his pancreas doesn't function properly, he's as normal as any other two year old (at least as far as other mommies say).

I know this is supposed to be a blog about yarn, but I need an outlet. This was the most traumatic situation I've ever gone through. And I've been through some pretty icky sitranarios (situations/scenario).

But hey, we all have our path to walk. Rylan was a great baby. He was 'perfect.' I think I was waiting for something to 'go wrong.'

But I can't really say, now, that there is something 'wrong' with my baby. He's just diabetic. Yes it's hard sometimes (about 1 week out of every month, go figure!), but he can still lead a typical childhood. It's not like he's got some sort of severe allergy, or something that would make me have top shelter him for fear that if he gets a cold he'll die. I'm not worried about that. I'm worried if I'll be able to teach him how to care for Diabetes properly so I can see my baby have babies.

That's what I think about. So that is why I haven't been yarning or blogging for that matter. I did notice, however, that there haven't been too many people blogging on Amigurumi-Along. I feel like it's pretty safe to say that most people don't like to yarn when its warm.

But on a lighter note, I have made a couple of things! I've made two robots of my own design, and I made a 'turtle' hat. It's pretty cute. And hopefully, I'm be able to sell them locally. I might even start an on-line store. But my confidence level isn't exactly where I think it needs to be to try to go out and ask people if they want to buy something. But I think I might have a lead on a store that would take my stuff on consignment. Lets hope for that.

I hope all is well in your world! I leave you with good thoughts, luscious merriment, and as much obsessive yarning as life will possibly allow! Ciao