Monday, November 05, 2007

Long Time, No Blog!

Hello! Hope all is well! It's been pretty good here. I've been busy with the crochet, but I have no real proof of it because I've given most of it away. And without taking pictures! I know, how could I?!? Oh well. But! I did take some pics of my last two projects.

Nothing to exciting, just another robot hat and a blanket. The robot hat is all crochet, but I used my knitting machine to make the main part of the blanket, then crocheted around the edges for a nice border, and.... I was HOPING that the crochet would help flatten out the edges since they kept curling up, but to no avail. :( waa, waa! But I really liked the way the skull and crossbones came out. I made the design on graph paper and then just followed my little x's in the boxes. It was really challenging for me. I'm really not an artist. I just crochet. If I 'design' I design on the fly, or just put colors together. So this was really one of the first times I've actually put something on paper and made it. Can you tell I'm pretty proud of myself? I'm be totally stoked if the whole blanket came out perfect, but being as that life doesn't work that way, I'm not too pissed. Plus, it's for a baby. Like she's gonna know it's not perfect!