Thursday, November 02, 2006

Robot Pattern

Ok! Here it is. Someone asked for it so here ya go. I have to put out a disclaimer, I wrote down the pattern as I went along, so there is no really guarantee that it is perfect. but you can always e-mail me with questions or just improve on the pattern. Good luck, good thoughts, lucious merriment, and as much obsessive yarning as humanly possible! Ciao!

The Dishes

P.S. And please, (just to cover my butt) I did think of this recipe. It is of my own creation. I would appreciate it if it would not be sold (blah, blah,blah) or dolls made from the pattern not be sold. People are more than welcome to freely give out the pattern, or dolls as you see fit. That part I don't care about. But if someone's gonna make $$, I'd like it to be me! I need the cash just as much as the next one. I mean of course I need the cash, it's not like this is the cheapest hobby on the planet (well if you like to make blankets)!! Ok! So now that I feel like an ass, (Copywrites. You know I'm not trying to be a b-i-t-c-h about this, but I guess I do feel the need to say something. Please don't take it personal), please have as much fun as possible making as many robots as possible!!

Oh and please share your finished robots! I would love to see them!

So I leave you with happy thoughts, lusious merriment, and as much obsessive (amigurumi) yarning as possible! Ciao!

Round Robot Pattern


Row Stitches

1 6(+6)

2 12(+6)

3 18(+6)

4 24(+6)

5 30(+6)

6 36(+6)

7 42

~ ~

20 42(-6)

21 36(-6)

22 30(-2)

23 28(~)

24 26(~)

25 24(~)

26 22(-2)

27 20


Row Stitches

1 6(+6)

2 12(~)

3 18(~)

4 24(~)

5 30(~)

6 36(+6)

7 42

~ ~

10 42(-6)

11 36(~)

12 30(-6)

13 24(-4)

14 20


Row Stitches

1 6(+6)

2 12(~)

3 18

4 18

5 18(-3)

6 15(-3)

7 12(-2)

8 10

~ ~

19 10(-5)

20 5


Row Stitches

1 6(+6)

2 12(+~)

3 18(+6)

4 24

~ ~

7 24(-6)

8 18(-3)

9 15(-3)

10 12

~ ~

17 12


Row Stitches

1 6(+6)

2 12(-2)

3 10


Row Stitches

1 4(+4)

2 8

3 8(-4)

4 4

~ ~

7 4


m said...

I soooo totaly want to make the robot for my son but... I don't know how to read your instructions...could you give me a hand in reading them
m arrowood

dancingdishes said...

Dear M,

so hopefully this will help. If you're on row 1 of the body, you want to start with 6 sts. then on row 2, you increase 6 sts to get a total of 12 sts. Inc another 6 sts for 18 sts at the end of row 3 and so on and so forth. When you get to the ~~ that means work even. Then do the opposite. If there is a - sign (-6) you would want to decrease 6 sts.

So please let me know if this helps. And Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, This was sent to an old e-mail address. If you could send me a note with your e-mail addy, I may be able to help you sooner or better. Thanks for the thought! Makes me all warm and fuzzy thinking that someone wants to make my crazy robot. But I may suggest that you might want to make the body a bit smaller than the 42 stitches. But that is totally up to you. I think that if I make it over again, I would make the head bigger and the body smaller. Just to keep it in a more 'amigurumi' style.

Thanks again!!

Claudia said...

I'm not too sure of the pattern either. I'm thinking though that since most Amigurumi patterns are generally similar that I'd work from those to figure it out.

I must say, I've seen it mentioned quite often on several patterns, I don't really get the 'don't sell from my pattern thing'. I can understand not selling the pattern itself but if the person bought all the materials and actually put the effort into making it, then I don't really see the problem. Maybe I'm just a different kind of person but if I had a pattern out, I really wouldn't mind especially since they'd be putting forth the money to make the product and putting all the time into it.a

dancingdishes said...

I see what your saying saying Claudia. I think it's a creative property thing. Someone could start making money from the pattern. And get all the credit. There's a ton of work that goes into writing a pattern. It's no easy endeavor. Making up as you go is simple, but to take the time to write everything down as you go really disrupts the creative flow. And to try to remember what was done after the fact is very hard as well.

But I have thought the same thing many times. And I think if it's among friends or acquaintances, it might be OK. since at that point your asking to be paid more for your time that's been put in. But as for me,the way I work it is as a trade of a sorts. Like you buy the yarn for the project, and maybe a couple lattes and I'll call it even. This last project that someone asked me to do, I said that I would buy the yarn and he could buy me a latte. And since I wasn't able to get me a latte before work that day, it worked out great.

I think most artist just don't want to see their pattern in a magazine, or one some local store shelf. I know that I would be very upset if that was to happen to me.

I hope that helps,Iknow this is YEARS after the fact. I kinda didn't and don't think anybody really reads this blog. It's just something i wanted to put put the world. More as a confidence builder than anything else. lol CHEERS!