Wednesday, June 29, 2011

YAY Knitting!!!! I'm making my first sweater! I'm so excited about this!! It's a top-down sweater designed by Knitbot, made with lace weight, (very yummy yarn, btw) on a size 6 needle, so it is going pretty fast. Very fast as far as my knitting goes! Even my knitting friend is surprised at how much I've done it in just two weeks! I've got about 8 inches knitted so far!

I'm really liking this top-down thing. There's no seaming involved! That means I'm not making two pieces that I have to match. I've had such a hard time with that. Even in crocheting, following the same directions and everything!! UGH! Oh well! If anyone is interested in seeing what the sweater looks like, or joining the knit-a-long that Cast Away yarn shop is doing, head on over to the Ravelry website, find Cast Away in the groups and join in the fun!!!

Best wishes and happy yarning all!!!!!

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