Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love knitting, but I hate trying to get gauge. I'm trying to make this really nice hat for my father in law. He actually asked me to make him one. I made him a scarf two christmas's ago and he wears it all the time in the winter. Makes me feel so good. he was the one I was most unsure about liking crocheted/knitted items, and he'd turned out to be the one who loves it the most in the family. None of the woman have used the things I made for them. Makes me sad. It hurts my feelings. but I guess that's to be expected. *sigh*I guess I will just make things for him. I bet I could make my sister and mother in law socks. Everybody loves socks. Can't have to many socks. So I guess I can just stick to that.

So anyways, (I always have to have some sort of long drawn out story) my dad (father in law, same diff) asked for a hat. I wanted to make him this really nice knitted hat. very pretty. In a masculine way.... but I CAN'T GET GAUGE!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!! So I said screw it! I'm just gonna crochet it. I can use the same yarn, and use the same striping pattern and call it a day. I take FOREVER to knit. And the weather is always changing here right now. But he said that he would like a hat for when he goes running in the morning. So I'm just gonna get on it. Maybe he'll get the 'turn a square' hat for his b-day in Dec.

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