Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Good day! Hope all is well! I'm very excited! I think I may start a Happy Hookers' Stitch 'n' Bitch! There's this chica at my local coffee shop who is always got yarn in her hands, well at least all winter anyways. Our summers get pretty warm. But I've never had the nerve to introduce myself. Well, finally, the other day she was having coffee with a friend of mine and knitting a sweater (from the Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation) and I finally got the nerve. With that, I also asked if she would be interested in maybe yarning together. She said yes! I've actually always been a bit intimidated by her. She just seems like some one I wouldn't want to piss off. :^D:^I

At any rate, I thought she had been knitting for years (she's been crocheting since she was 6)! But as it turns out, only a few months. And when I asked her if she would be interested in starting a group or stitch 'n' bitch, [I was feeling a little stupid, trendy or something, and being as that this coffee shop is very trendy for not being trendy, it's home to local punk crowd (hmm, funny now that I think about it) I just felt silly.] But she taught herself how to knit with the book, "Stitch 'n' Bitch." So I didn't feel so silly! :D yay!

I was also telling her that I was feeling the need to craft with other women, well other people. (Hey if a dude wants to yarn and subject himself to a bunch of women in one room, he is more than welcome! I'd like to see how long he'd last. haha!!) And she said she was feeling the same need! Plus she has a friend that's just starting to knit and getting frustrated, and another friend that knows how to make socks! And I think socks are the coolest things! They're part of the reason I learned to knit! So!! All in all, I'm very excited! I used to yarn with a bunch of ladies when I first learned to crochet, but that was years ago, and I sorely miss it. And not all of us were yarning either. Some were drawing, some were playing hand drums (it's always nice to have some music going). We even had a couple kids with us (mom was yarning) and they were working on whatever project they had going, whether it was school related or was really fun. I think it was just that sense of community, maybe a sense of belonging that I enjoyed so much.

I don't know about any of you folks, but I feel silly yaring in public. Sometimes (don't ask me why I care so much about what others think of me, it's something I'm working on getting over) I wonder what people are thinking about me. If people just think I'm poor, or I need attention, or if they think 'Right on! Keep the tradition alive. I didn't know anyone did that anymore.'

So I think having a group will make me feel better. I don't really know of many people near me that yarn. So I'm thinking of making a little flyer to put up at the coffee house for any and all to come join us in making handmades! :^D Hopefully, it will be beneficial for more than just me!!

Yeah for Crafts!!!!

Oh and I've started on another gurumi. It's going to be a little bear for my pregger friend. But I have to make two 'cause her daughter is 4. Plus the siblings will be sharing a room, which I think is going to be Hawaiian Surf theme, so I'm thinking I can do two of the same tyrp of bear, one bigger and one smaller, and then make like some shorts for the little boy bear, and maybe like a little pink sundress for big girl bear. But so far so good with the first bear. And I even started to write down my pattern, but then I left my paper upstairs, and I was too lazy to go up and get it, so I only got the head written down. But! That's a start! I'll at least know where to begin the next one! Well ok! I've talked enough! Until next time, good thoughts, lusious merriment, and obsessive yarning! Ciao

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ladylinoleum said...

Good for you! I hope you have a wonderful time with your new group of yarn ho's.

BTW, I've never felt weird needleworking in public. People tend to be more interested than judgmental as far as I can tell...