Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yeah!!!! I went to Japantown this weekend and I got an amigurumi book!! I got one of the Amigurumi Collection books!! I'm so excited!! (I thought I'd have to get one from Amazon.com, Japan, and I wasn't very excited about that prospect, having to pay $27 for the book, plus $15 for shipping, then I'd have to wait like 2 months!! No thanks! I think driving an hour and walking around Japantown is way more fun. Oh and did I mention that the book was only $16.50? I'm so stoked!!) I got vol. 3. The bookstore didn't have vol. 1. That's the one I really wanted. Vol. 2 didn't look as exciting at vol.3. But! I now know where to go for when I want another. And yes, it is all in Japanese. But luckily, I understand charts, so it's working out well. Except, I don't really know what exactly I'm making, piece wise that is. Like the head and body of the bunny I'm making for example; they are both about 22 to 27 rows high, but the head was 60 stitches at it's widest point, and the body is 32, or so. So I figure, once I get this first project made, I think I can figure out what the symbols are for head, body, arms and legs. Then lets hope I can figure out what the other little symbols are. Like "nose" and "tail." Please keep your fingers crossed for me. Maybe I'll get a Japajnese/English dictionary. I've wanted to learn Japanese for about 5 years now, mabye I should learn it now. Then, maybe I can help others!!! Happy thoughts, lusious marriment, and much obsessive yarning!!

Oh Oh!! I finished my bear that I was making for my friend for her baby shower, I'm not sure if I'm totally stoked on it, I think he looks a little funny, but everyone else says it's cute, so.... but here it is, let me know what you think.

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Alisha said...

How funny I'm going to a Japanese festival today : ) I just wanted to say thanks for the nice comments & I hope things improve with you & your hubby !!