Sunday, March 19, 2006

So here I am, totally obsessed with amigurumi and I haven't even talked about the woman that got me to be so obsessed. Elisabeth Doherty from Gourmet Amigurumi. Here's the like to her place.

Her work is absolutely breathtaking. It was the first site I had come upon when searching for amigurumi. (I had found and article about amigurimis in Vouge's knit.1 mag.) She truely is the bomb and what she does. I do know that she sells them on flicker (or however it's spelled). But if you have the time, it will be well worth checking out!! Especially the details. The smallest details make the BIGGEST difference! Well anyways, just thought I'd let you all know how I came about to be so Amigurumi Obsessed.


Alisha said...

I love her things too she's so awesome I only wish I could make things as cute !! Thanks for the prayers I really apreciate them so ver much You're so sweet : )I love your doll it's terrific !!

dancingdishes said...

I read your blog, and I just really liked the way you talked about prayer circles. Honestly, I don't think we believe in the same God, but I don't think it matters, just like you. It's not often I come across Christians that are so open mined. So I guess I mean to say Thank you very much. You are one of the few that is helping to break down a common stereotype. I like that kinda thing. So, just to let you know, you are in my thoughts and prayers, and whatever your ailment(s) are/were, I'm sure they will get better. Just keep thinking those good thoughts, and they will turn into a reality.
Lots of love and happiness!