Friday, March 17, 2006

Ok, here she is, Ms. Nice. If you've reached me from Amigurumi-Along, then you already know what's up. I'm really excited that I finished a project with a, mmmm, month. That's good. But as before, I can't say I'm exactly pleased. I think she's alright for my first gurumi. But I obviously have some things I need to work on. Her arms are different lengths, I didn't get them even, and I'm a very symetrical person, so it really bugs me. Her feet look funny and her head is way floppy, too much hair.

Ahh, the hair. I really don't suggest doing this. It looks pretty cool, but the twisting and the twisting and the twisting...... well, I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to stop working on her for awhile. I had finished everything but her hair, so the fact that I wasn't into anymore twisting, kinda put her on hold for a minute. Or a week. Or maybe two weeks. But she's complete now. She's not perfect, but I think I know what to do better next time. I've got just the tiniest beginings of a new friend. His name is Me-mo.

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.。*εїзSa 姐ღ.。*εїз said...

haha ! this is so cute =)